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Comprehensive Care


Using the best methods of eastern medicine combined with western care, we will address your care from the bigger picture. If we think you need an MD, we'll recommend one you love. Our goal is results oriented care with an integrated approach.

Natural Health through Education


There is alot we were never taught about our bodies. Learn better ways to understand everything from hormones, cycles, reproduction and general wellness. Demystify it all by talking about it.

Our Promise to You


We care about your well being and will provide you with guidance, knowledge, and tools needed to be healthy. We are here to help you achieve optimal wellness.

Your NYC Acupuncturist Dara Barr L.Ac.

Smart. Compassionate. On it.

Trust your health in the hands of a practitioner whose warmth and expertise get's you to your ultimate goal of health and fertility.

Experience and Insight

With over 13 years in practice, Dara has seen most things. Let her guide you in the right direction instead of Dr. Google. 

Thorough and Comprehensive

The whole you counts. Looking through a holistic lens using Chinese medicine with a western viewpoint, the goal is better health with all the tools in the toolbox.

Our Services


Herbal Medicine

Plants are the origin of all of our medicine. Using customized herbal formulas based on the traditional Chinese pharmacopeia, we nourish and build our roots of health. While herbs are often the daily foundation of ongoing care, we are sure to coordinate their use with with western approaches with a  'safety first' mindset. 




These tiny painless needles are used to subtly adjust your energetic highway system. They send signals to your nervous system that help calm anxiety, improve blood flow and optimize your body's innate ability to do it's best job. We use a combination of studied western protocols that enhance reproductive outcomes and classic point presciptions used for millenia to enhance your body's own healing wisdom. 



Nutritional Therapy

Food is our best medicine though sometimes supplementation is an important part of optimizing results. We help create a manageable approach to diet, nutrition, and nutritional supplements. 

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Often underutilized in many US clinics, cupping is one of the most therapeutic ways of treating pain. Applied to the back, neck or even the knee, they can relieve chronic aches and pains.  They also help respiratory issues like coughs and asthma.  We treat the whole you. Every time. 


Fertility Support for All

 A reproductive fertility coach to guide you through the process of conception. Whether you are a straight couple just starting  or struggling to conceive, a single parent by choice or an LGBTQ couple needing insight on sperm donors, at home insemination or IUI info, Dara guides you through all the choices available. 

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